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I'm Lewis James Godfrey, welcome to my little world of investment.

Who is Lewis James Godfrey ?

Lewis James Godfrey is an investment advisor who understands that, there’s more to financial planning than helping you decide how to invest. Because those decisions aren’t just about money, they’re about what that money can do-for you, your family and your community. I am a verified Top US financial Consultant and have bagged license is different states in the United States of America.My main focus will continue to increase in trading and investing. This is what lights a fire within me, that gets me giddy like nothing else because it’s something am very good at and I love to do it. No matter the business, we believe if we do what’s right for clients, we’ll help them achieve success while also realizing our own. It’s that simple. We don’t only teach you how to become a successful technical trader, but also expands your mind in ways you’d never expect. I provide advice about securities to clients; In addition, managing investment portfolios and offer financial planning services. I am a seasoned stock broker with a lot of experience in crafting and implementing trading strategies, generating consistent returns for my clients. Its my fiduciary duty to help.

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Application for loan

I help clients secure loans even with a bad credit score, I specialize in choosing the right organization to get a loan from.

Bonds & Commodities

Bonds are debt securities that are issued by corporations and governments to raise funds. Investors purchase bonds by putting an upfront amount as an initial investment called the principal. When the bond expires or matures called the maturity date the investors are paid back their principal.


Acquiring stocks isn't hard at all. What's hard is choosing companies that consistently beat the stock market and that’s what most people find difficult which is why they keep hunting for stock tips. Let me help you take a new step in understanding the financial marke

Investment Planning

Starting up an investment plan involves more than just choosing a few stocks to put money in. You need to consider your current financial situation and your goals. It’s also important to define your timeline and how much risk you’re willing to take on in order to determine your optimal asset allocation. This is why we’re here for you, let me help you start the plan

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I bring dreams to reality through investment

I'm very dicipline when it comes to my field of work.

Patience and Discipline

About me.

I help to create strategies to remove financial risk and help you build wealth in the long term

  • 1 My Mission

    To give you plans that keep you on track to achieve financial freedom

  • 2 My Goals

    To generate billons of dollars through my investment platform

  • 3 Why Me?

    Regulary monitoring of your investment portfolio is necessary to ensure alignment of your investments with your financial goal. Am one of the best in the finance industry, having doing this for over 10 years.,

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